Client – City of Gosnells

Contract – Street Tree Pruning, Powerline Pruning and Tree Removals

Description – Provision of contract services on a weekly basis as well as the provision of an after hours emergency call out service to attend to dangerous trees in public areas.

Tree Care have been undertaking Tree pruning including HV & LV Powerline Clearances (including RIC/VA Accreditation), Tree Removal and Emergency/Storm damage works for the City of Gosnells for a period of 6 years.

Example of Project:
We recently successfully completed a large tree removal programme for the City of Gosnells on Wilfred Road. Upon undertaking our usual Dial Before you Dig enquiries, it was bought to our attention that there was a High Pressure Gas Mainline located in the vicinity of the trees requiring removal. As a result of this, we had to engage Abaxa to locate the services via potholing. An Alinta Gas Inspector was required to be in attendance at all times during the Tree Removal and Stump Grinding processes. Due to the proximity of the trees to the Gas Mains, and in Strict adherence with Alinta Gas policies, all trees had to be dismantled and carefully lowered to the ground using correct rigging technique. All large logs had to be craned rather than felled” Traffic Management was required in accordance with Main Roads guidelines. In total, 26 Very Large (in excess of 25 metres) Yellow Box Trees were removed over a period of 10 days and without incident. During the course of the works, several residents voiced some concerns over the trees being removed, as is our company policy, all residents were directed to the City of Gosnells.