Project – Emergency Tree Services

Example – Emergency Tree RemovalTree Lopping cemetry

As an example and for the puroses of demonstrating our understanding, a detailed description of an emergency tree removal located in a sensitive gravestone area of Fremantle Cemetery is outlined below, along with photographs of the tree in question.

Description of works – Storm damage had caused a very large Pine Tree to fall onto headstones.

Our approach – Following a detailed and lengthy inspection of this tree it was determined that the tree required very careful “dismantling” via chainsaw and rigging techniques” This was undertaken by our most experienced arborists and ground personnel over a period of several days” Continued periodic inspections were undertaken following the removal of each sectFremantle Tree Lopping emergency servicesion of tree to ensure there would be no unexpected movement of the tree and to ensure the integrity of the graves both under the tree and in the immediate vicinity would not be compromised further as a result of our work.

Outcome – We are pleased to advise that the tree in question was removed successfully and efficiently with no further damage to the graves and surrounding environment or harm to personnel on site.