Service Vehicles

Tree Care’s large fleet of Service Vehicles ensure our teams have all the tools required to complete the job. Small tools ranging from Chainsaws, Polesaws, Whipper Snippers and Hedgers to Compressors and Generators as well as spare fuel etc, are all kept securely and neatly in purpose built tool carriers.

Current Fleet of Service Vehicles:

  •  7 No. x Toyota Hilux Utility Vehicles
  • 5 No. x Toyota Landcruiser Wagons
  • 1 No. x Holden Rodeo Utility Vehicle
  • 1 No. x Ford Ranger Utility Vehicle
  • 3 No. x Mitsubishi Canter 4WD Truck / Logistic Vehicles

All of Tree Care’s Service Vehicles are regularly serviced and maintained in house by our Full Time Heavy Duty Diesel Mechanic to ensure optimum performance and in keeping with our companies rigid safety standards.