Stump Grinders

Stump Grinders are specialist machines capable of  removing even the toughest of stumps.

Current Fleet of Stump Grinders

  • 1 x Vermeer SC502 Stump Grinder – 50hp – Large Capacity Stump Grinder
  • 1 x Rayco Stump Grinder – 30hp – Medium Capacity Stump Grinder

Stump Grinding involves the grinding of a tree stump to a specified depth, generally between 150mm and 300mm, or deeper if needed and practicable. Upon completion of stump grinding, the remaining hole will be back-filled with the grinding waste to leave the site clean and tidy.

A stump grinder is a machine with carbide tipped teeth attached to a large rotating wheel with the teeth attached at different angles at sequence all around the wheel. This creates a bread knife affect. The spinning wheel is used to scrape 2mm on every slice it makes, this machine is operated by one man, and on occasion, a spotter is used if necessary for safety reasons, once the stump has been turned into mulch and a hole has replaced the tree stump, the hole is then filled back in with the mulch which resembles saw-dust.