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As with all high quality service providers it is important to strike the correct ratio between management and the amount of directly employed personnel.

Management personnel within Tree Care have an active, hands-on role where required,   ensuring that the quality of workmanship and service provided to our clients is of the highest standard possible.

Tree Care WA Pty Ltd have a multitude of fully trained personnel skilled and certified in various aspects of the industry to draw upon and allocate where required.

In recognition of recent changes to OHS Legislation and in keeping with our OSH  Policy,  ALL personnel are fully trained including VOC’s completed and current,  in the use of Chainsaws, Wood Chippers and have completed the Safety Awareness Training Certificate.

All Tree Care employees are continually trained in the latest techniques, safety  procedures and in the use of new equipment as it becomes available.

Through the implementation of multi skilled training programs for our employees, we  ensure that we are able to meet our clients expectations,  have available at any given time key personal for the job and complete works to a high level.

All employees are trained through accredited courses and backed up with continuous onsite assistance and training.