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Commercial Services


Tree Care WA Pty Ltd are very experienced in working with a variety of commercial clients: Construction Companies, Civil / Earthmoving companies, property / land developers, local, state and federal government agencies, landscaping companies, airports, resorts, real estate etc etc.

Tree Care acknowledge and understand the importance of providing our clients with a reliable, punctual and professional service to ensure minimal impact on other on-site activities. We understand the importance of Occupational Health & Safety and Environmental requirements and can and will comply with all requirements.

We are fast becoming highly sought after for the clearing of areas for new development. This is a reflection of the high standard of our workmanship, the caring for the surrounding property and environment,  and the completion of projects when promised.

Our land clearing services include tree felling and removal, onsite mulching using Wood Chippers and / or are large Horizontal Grinder and our 21 Tonne Excavator, stump removal via extraction by 21 Tonne Excavator or Stump Grinding insitu.
We have a proven reputation for clearing difficult access areas as well as felling using heavy machinery.
Tree Care has an extensive fleet of wholly owned and operated land clearance machinery.

  • Tree Felling and Removal
  • Onsite mulching using Wood Chippers
  • Bobcat T870 Track Loader with Log Grabs, Rake Bucket and Forestry Mower for scrub clearing.
  • Greenwaste Recycling – Large Horizontal Grinder and 21 Tonne Excavator with Hydraulic Shears.
  • Stump removal via extraction by our 21 Tonne Excavator or Stump Grinding in-situ.


Forestry Mowing is a very cost effective method of clearing large areas of small trees and regrowth.

Our Bobcat T870 Track Loader can be fitted with a specialist “Forestry mower attachment”. This machine is the largest of its kind in Western Australia and is extremely effective at dealing with scrub areas such as the invasive Sydney Wattle, land corridors and verges. Please contact us for more information and to arrange a demonstration.


  • Aesthetic and Corrective Pruning to Australian Standards – AS4373-2007
  • Tree Pruning & Trimming, Power Line Clearances, Tree & Stump Removal

Poor lopping work too often causes weak and dangerous growth, which can lead to costly remedial works down the track. Tree Care will provide correct and formative pruning thus avoiding such problems.

Tree Care has the resources to carry out all aspects of tree surgery, from suburban and inner city tree trimming, to highly complex tree removals. We have specialist equipment, proven work practices and a highly trained & experienced team of Arborists and support staff to ensure the best outcome for your trees.


In the event that an entire tree must be removed, you can have total confidence in the ability of Tree Care’s Arborist’s and Ground Team to carry out the works in a safe and timely manner. Our staff are fully trained and highly experienced. You can have confidence in knowing we will complete the removal through careful felling or by dismantling when space is restricted due to proximity to buildings or services.

Tree Care are well known and respected for our ability to perform:

  • Large and Complex removals
  • Difficult access / sensitive location removals
  • Storm Damage and Emergency Works
  • Large Scale Tree removal  / Land Clearing


Stumps are removed by grinding out the stumps and surface roots up to a maximum depth of between 150-500mm below ground level. This usually detaches the roots from the stump thus preventing future regrowth. Where stumps are located in a verge or we suspect there may be services located underground, a DIAL BEFORE YOU DIG is enquiry to ascertain the location of services prior to any stump grinding being undertaken.