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Residential Tree Care Services

Tree Care WA Pty Ltd offer a complete service and free quotes. We have a large fleet of tree care machinery and equipment which will enable us to complete any task, large or small. Our machinery includes high capacity tree chipping machinery to mulch all material cut. All sites are left completely clean with all greenwaste removed from site. Of course, you are always welcome to keep your mulch at no additional cost.

Tree Care has developed a proven reputation with our clients as being specialists in the field of providing Arboricultural services ranging from preventative & formative pruning to total removal of large & dangerous trees situated in areas of difficult access .

Through the use of either our highly skilled and experienced climbing Arborists or in conjunction with one of our specialist in house elevated work platforms ranging in sizes from 6 meters to 24 meters we are able to prune or remove any sized tree and undertake large projects simultaneously.


  • Aesthetic and Corrective Pruning to Australian Standards – AS4373-2007
  • Our services include Tree Pruning & Trimming, Power Line Clearances, Tree & Stump Removal.

Poor lopping work too often causes weak and dangerous growth, which can lead to costly remedial works down the track. Tree Care will provide correct and formative pruning thus avoiding such problems.

Tree Care has the resources to carry out all aspects of tree surgery, from suburban and inner city tree trimming, to highly complex tree removals. We have specialist equipment, proven work practices and a highly trained & experienced team of Arborists and support staff to ensure the best outcome for your trees.


In the event that an entire tree must be removed, you need to have total confidence in the ability of your contractor to carry out the works in a safe and timely manner. Our staff are fully trained and highly experienced. You can have confidence in knowing we will complete the removal through careful felling or by dismantling when space is restricted due to proximity to buildings or services.


Stumps are removed by grinding out the stumps and surface roots up to a maximum depth of between 150-500mm below ground level. This usually detaches the roots from the stump thus preventing future regrowth. Where stumps are located in a verge or we suspect there may be services located underground, a DIAL BEFORE YOU DIG is enquiry to ascertain the location of services prior to any stump grinding being undertaken.

MULCHMulch sales

Mulch is available for purchase and delivery from Tree Care, supply is dependent on work activities, please feel free to contact us with your mulch requirements.

If you would like to place a mulch order, please email us your address and the location to leave the mulch. Please be aware of overhead power lines, trees and narrow driveways that would prevent us tipping at the requested location. If you have any special requirements please add these when submitting the order.

Price for quality mulch is generally around $150 per 10m3 truck load, however, larger quantities are available on request.