Marr Mooditj Training Centre

Indigenous Land Corporation


Large Tree RemovalThe Marr Mooditj Training Centre in Manning contracted Tree Care WA to remove two large Ficus macrophylla  (Moreton Bay)  fig trees that were causing considerable damage to nearby buildings and infrastructure. Both trees exhibited poor crown structure due to poor pruning practices having been undertaken many years ago with resulting limb failure occurring now on a regular basis. Both trees were located within a confined location, beside buildings, near infrastructure and with extensive landscaping underneath. Having limited access available for one of our specialty elevated work platforms or being undertaken via conventional climbing and rigging practices due to not being as cost effective.

Tree Care’s WA’s consulting Arborist devised a solution to utilise a large crane to lift and remove each tree systematically in a safe controlled manner. Having utilised large cranes for over 20 years to remove trees in difficult confined locations, we were able to ensure through our extensive experience that potential issues when working nearby to buildings, landscaping, established gardens and retaining walls were eliminated. Both trees were removed section by section to our awaiting crews, trucks and chippers for processing in one day with stump grinding performed the following day.


Marr Mooditij The client rang the office upon completion to congratulate the business and its skilled personnel on the safe manner and professionalism of how both trees were removed plus the efficiency to complete the works in such a quick time period so as the facilities were not obstructed in their daily operations.





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  • Gerry
    Property in Gosnells
    “A big thank you, to the team who did an excellent job trimming our large trees that were over our fence plus doing an excellent clean up afterwards. Once again, well done and we certainly will recommend your company to others.”
  • Greg
    Client: Downer EDi
    “Tree Care’s commitment to safety, operator training, competency and the proactive step of presenting extensive documentation as a matter of course is very highly regarded by our safety team. Tree Care are recognised as one of the highest performers from hundreds of subcontractors we work with on projects.”
  • Mike
    Property in Victoria Park
    Tree Care WA provided a skilled team of personnel, who attended to all items of work in a timely and professional manner. They dealt with the site concerns in a proactive consultative manner, planning the works in such a way to minimise disruption to myself, my neighbours and passing traffic. The results achieved by Tree Care WA team were fantastic. The transformation of our property has been positively commented upon by many different people.
  • Michele - Chairperson
    Glenvista Complex
    I would like to thank you and your team for the tremendous job you did at the complex in April. This job was a particularly difficult one, not only because of the size of the two lemon scented gum trees and other vegetation, but also the lack of access for machinery. It all went without a hitch. You handled the challenges presented by the local council patiently and methodically. Your men were highly skilled, very pleasant to all the tenants and cleaned up after the works as much as possible.